AnalysisTop: Update small-R jet uncertainty prescription to bugfix version

This MR updates the R22 Jet/MET phase-1 small-R jet pre-recommendations to a recently released version derived using the calibrations with GSC/energy-per-layer bugfixes. This should decrease in-situ uncertainties - especially for high |eta| - as reported here in the Jet/MET Main meeting. The new recommendations are also summarised on the Jet/MET R22 JetUncertainties twiki already and largely consist of changing the config folder from Winter2023_PreRec to Summer2023_PreRec.

Additionally, the R22 jet calibration config documentation is improved with this MR. Lastly, a new JMS override flag is introduced to steer output until JMS recommendations are available for R22.

This MR addresses ANALYSISTO-1321.

Edited by Chris Scheulen

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