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Recover AMI tag and generator versions in derivations

Tadej Novak requested to merge tadej/athena:recover-metadata into 23.0

Legacy samples often have incomplete metadata:

  • AMI tag propagation was unreliable in the past
  • generators versions in metadata were not present for old EVNT

We can recover AMI tags from INDS environment variable in the production system. Generators versions can be recovered from a manual database.

What is done in this MR is to update AMI tag metadata if not matching the one from INDS. Generators versions are also updated if available. For example this happens for the current Run 3 MC PHYS CI test.

Tagging several people:


  • Full AnalysisBase support will come in a separate MR, this one is already large enough.
  • For now any mismatch in generators versions is not checked. Only version number is missing it is added.
  • TruthMetaData does not get updated if already present (out of scope of this MR).
  • Replaces !48284 (closed).
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