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Improvements and fixes to PhysLite, primarily as seen from the H4l analysis...

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Improvements and fixes to PhysLite (and Phys), primarily as seen from the H4l analysis perspective. The changes include:

  • Implementation of the isolationCloseBy tool in the running of Phys and PhysLite. This allows closeBy to be available for all analyses, and avoids extra information to be added to either so that one could do it when reading Phys/PhysLite and included LLP1. Corrected iso variables are <iso_value>_OR. For the moment, the 'extra' closeBy information is left in Phys and LLP1 to allow cross check. But this can be removed, eventually. - ATLASG-2520

  • Added in config to PhysLite for H4l vertex calculation ATLASG-2518

  • Added in STXS information to PhysLite for Higgs analyses, fixing units ATLASG-2515

  • Reducing the electron id requirement from LH Loose to SiHits for PhysLite ATLASG-2537

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