Package updates required for onnxruntime v1.15.1 - Update to AtlasExternals 2.0.161

This MR updates all Projects to AtlasExternals = 2.0.161.

Update(s) since AtlasExternals 2.0.159 (

  • Changed all documentation to use "main" instead of "master";
  • Taught the dictionary generation CMake code about system includes;
  • Made ATLAS library builds wait for public header installations;
  • Removed the HEPUtils and MCUtils packages, as these are no longer used in atlas/athena;
  • Upgraded onnxruntime to version 1.15.1.

Update(s) since AtlasExternals 2.0.160 (

  • Made the dictionary generation functions work correctly with FindROOT.cmake in "standalone mode".

As discussed in ATLINFR-4987 the externals update to onnxruntime 1.15.1 requires to migrate the functions GetInputName and GetOutputName to GetInputNameAllocated and GetOutputNameAllocated and the functions GetCustomMetadataMapKeys and LookupCustomMetadataMap with GetCustomMetadataMapKeysAllocated and LookupCustomMetadataMapAllocated. This is not a 1:1 migration since the return values and function parameters partially changed.

Additional comments:

  • All the migrated packages have unfortunately no unit tests - this really should be improved
  • The code compiles and Reco_tf works, but there has been no output validation so far - this will hopefully come when we run the CI on this MR here.

Keeping this in Draft status for now since the atlasexternals version has to be updated with this MR here and should include MR atlasexternals!1029 (merged) and atlasexternals!1030 (merged)

Edited by Johannes Elmsheuser

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