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Restore original etaMax config for Disappearing track seeder

Thomas Strebler requested to merge tstreble-23.0-patch-11327 into 23.0

Follow up to !64186 (merged)

The aforementioned MR introduces some FT0-violating change through the following update in config

Component InDetSiSpTrackFinderDisappearing.InDetSpSeedsMakerDisappearing may differ
	RapidityCut = 2.2  only in 1st file
	etaMax = 2.2  only in 2nd file

The reason is that the RapidityCut parameter, although explicitly set in the config, was actually not used in the SiSpacePointsSeedMaker_ATLxk implementation, which was precisely one of the motivations for the clean-up implemented in !64186 (merged). The etaMax property on the other hand was and is still used, with a default value of 2.7. The previous MR therefore effectively updated this parameter from 2.7 to 2.2 for the disappearing tracks. The other tracking reconstruction passes are not affected because they either set etaMax to the default 2.7 value or explicitly set the etaMax property in the previous version of the config.

This looks definitely like a misconfiguration of the disappearing tracks config, considering the restriction to |eta|<2.2 is applied further down in the disappearing track reconstruction, which explains why it was not caught in the CI tests. As the impact is minimal though, to minimise FT0-violating changes to 23.0 the original config is restored here. The config will be updated in master once this change has been swept.

The outputs of the failing test_bulkProcessing_data23 have been checked to be restored to their pre-!64186 values. The CI tests will likely not catch the FT0 changes so adding the label explicitly here.

FYI @gfrattar @jburzyns @jmaurer

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