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Draft: Implement BTagPEBPhysicsTLA event building and initial go at DAOD_TLABTAGPEB reconstruction

Teng Jian Khoo requested to merge khoo/athena:23.0-BJetTLA-PEB into main

Thanks, FYI to @mmontell, @mark, @tamartin

This MR:

  • Implements BTagPEBPhysicsTLA as a new event building type intended for the TLAJetPEB stream
    • RoI definitions to be finalised
  • Adds some Dev chains to test this setup
    • Take out the ones that have been put in Physics prematurely
  • Adds a DAOD_TLABTAGPEB output file option to Reco_tf that does TLA unpacking and ID track reco
    • Custom B-tagging to be added later
  • Configures the HLT BS unpacking alg so that it handles all defined module IDs rather than a fixed list of indices
    • @mark, @tamartin do you agree with the formulation here, so it will by default attempt full HLT result + all DataScouting IDs? Previously (and as discussed on MM) it did a list of 0-6, but as far as I can tell we only need 0,1,5,6,7 at the moment. Another option would be to do everything consecutive from 0-max(getAllDataScoutingIdentifiers()), but if 2-4 are not used anywhere it might cost a tiny bit in failed queries.
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