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Refactor XML in InDetPhysValMonitoring

Andrew Wharton requested to merge (removed):AMW-NewXML into 23.0

Deduplication of the entries in the DTD used for the plots in InDetPhysValMonitoring.

  • The baseline DTD is externalized to InDetPVMPlotDefCommon.dtd

    • Baseline here is taken to mean Run2 + the additional !ENTITYs for the ITK plots.
  • InDetPVMPlotDefRun2.xml, InDetPVMPlotDefITK.xml, and the new InDetPVMPlotDefLRT.xml files use the external DTD

    • Marked as being not stand-alone, and select the DTD from SYSTEM
  • InDetPVMPlotDefLRT.xml and InDetPVMPlotDefITK.xml override the !ENTITYs they need for their plots.

    • InDetPVMPlotDefLRT.xml does this in-situ, as it's a only a small variation from the Run2 plots.
    • InDetPVMPlotDefITK.xml does this through a second external DTD.

These changes maybe take you half-way to a proper conditional DTD or XHTML solution, If these change are merged, a full XHTML solution should be fairly easy to implement.

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