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JetMomentTools/JetForwardPFlowJvtTool: fix wrong parameter initialization and move to NNJVT

Oleksii Kurdysh requested to merge okurdysh/athena:fjvt_r22_update into 23.0
  • it was observed that in R22 fjvt performance is degraded by ~15% compared to R21-it turned out that parameter m_includePV, which is firing key step of the algorithm was not initialized correctly(Explanation for this is here on slides 2-3 ). This MR fixes this. Do the same for bJvt which inherits from fJvt(for the future)
  • Also move from JVT to NNJVT, which is used to reject primary vertex hard scatter objects in one of the algo steps.

Pt starting from which fjvt label is attached to jet is slightly lowered since it was found to improve performance(there is no computational cost). Removed calibration-related gaudi properties which are not used since they are replaced by new calibration module

MR related to ATLJETMET-1635

Edited by Oleksii Kurdysh

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