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ZDCWaveformSampler.h fix clang warnings


build/atnight/localbuilds/nightlies/Athena/main/athena/ForwardDetectors/ZDC/ZdcUtils/ZdcUtils/ZDCWaveformSampler.h:26:9: warning: private field 'm_freqMHz' is not used [-Wunused-private-field]
  float m_freqMHz;
/build/atnight/localbuilds/nightlies/Athena/main/athena/ForwardDetectors/ZDC/ZdcUtils/ZdcUtils/ZDCWaveformSampler.h:29:16: warning: private field 'm_numBits' is not used [-Wunused-private-field]
  unsigned int m_numBits;

Actually what made this "simple" is that the variables passed in the ctor are used

e.g m_deltaT(1000./freqMHz),, m_maxADC((1<<nBits) - 1), are there and used.

So one does not need to change the ctor API

ping @fwinkl

Edited by Christos Anastopoulos

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