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Dev 23.0.34 expose l1 tau config

The L1 tau TOB configuration functions are provided in athena/Trigger/TriggerCommon/TriggerMenuMT/python/L1/Config/ These cannot be modified at runtime, so changes would require a recompilation for every different working point.

By defining the functions as a class, the configuration objects can be imported by the python code provided to the --precommand or --preExec options. After the import, the configurations can be altered by changing the members of the configuration object. The call functionality is provided by defining the main function inside the __call__ method. Here all configuration parameters need to be used as the members of the configuration object (rCore_fw_loose -> self.rCore_fw_loose).

Example usage:

--precommand='"setMenu=\"PhysicsP1_pp_run3_v1_HLTReprocessing_prescale\";doL1Sim=True;rewriteLVL1=True; from TriggerMenuMT.L1.Config.TypeWideThresholdConfig import getConfig_cTAU; getConfig_cTAU.isolation_fw_loose = 460; getConfig_cTAU.isolation_fw_medium = 333; getConfig_cTAU.isolation_fw_tight = 307;  "'

On 23.0.34 I ran the following tests:

  • ctest
  • ART


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