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TrigInDetValidation: update preInclude for LRT tests

Bertrand Martin Dit Latour requested to merge martindl/athena:23.0_LRT_cond into 23.0


This MR is updtating the trigger ART test setup for ID tests running on slepton RDO input. Now that we have MC23a RDOs, we no longer need the conditions override, nor the disabling of Phase1 L1Calo which causes the 0 count issue reported in ATR-27853. The large-R tracking flag is enabled by default and has been commented out, but left for documentation purpose. This preInclude is also used in the r-hadron test (, but I would suggest to remove this test until a new RDO is produced, as the current RDO is ancient and the test is permanently failing.

Cheers, Bertrand

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