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HLTResultMT: store truncation in ROB status words

Frank Winklmeier requested to merge fwinkl/athena:hltrobstatus into 23.0

This is the first step in improving the handling of HLTResult truncation for physics events. In addition to the event header, we now store the individual HLTResult truncation status in its ROB header. There are no clients yet reading that information. So in principle this change should have no impact on Tier-0, etc.

HLT ROB minor version bump to 1.2.

Also in this MR:

  • Remove the unused setErrorCodes and getFirstStatusWord methods to make the API less confusing now that we have multiple status word sources
  • Simplify constructor
  • Improve event/ROB status printing in

Relates to ATR-27986.

cc @tamartin @wiedenma

With these changes the reprocessed event status looks as follows:

Py:dumpHLTContentInBS    INFO Opening
==================== Event: 1, RunNumber: 456729, LB:  556, Global_ID: 1348444080, LVL1_ID: 3439785110, BC_ID: 3183, TT: 0x84, Status: [0x10000008, 0xd] DATA_CORRUPTION PSC_PROBLEM OnlineErrorCode::RESULT_TRUNCATION ====================
Found 3 HLT ROBs
-- ROBFragment SourceID: TDAQ_HLT, module=0 (opt=0), Version: 1.2, Size: 3806212 bytes, Status: None
-- ROBFragment SourceID: TDAQ_HLT, module=1 (opt=0), Version: 1.2, Size: 1135696 bytes, Status: None
-- ROBFragment SourceID: TDAQ_HLT, module=5 (opt=0), Version: 1.2, Size: 35752 bytes, Status: [0x8, 0xd] DATA_CORRUPTION OnlineErrorCode::RESULT_TRUNCATION

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