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Add a flag to control JiveXML output, add CA configuration

Edward Moyse requested to merge emoyse/athena:main-add-doJiveXML into main

JiveXML config needs to be migrated to CA.

This is not complete (see TODOs and FIXMEs in the code) but since this is not running in production (or any workflow) this does not matter. I would like to get it in however, since I am about to go on holiday and maybe @lshi or @myexley will have time to complete the missing sections (especially Calo).

One thing I have done is separate the filling of data_type from setting up the receivers. In a way this is a bit awkward since they definitely are very tightly coupled, but for the CA configuration we wanted to avoid post-config fiddling ... i.e. we should not configure the JiveXML algo, then add the data_types much later. Probably there would have been other nice solutions, but this is the way I went (and I don't think it matters too much what the exact solution is)

I have also not done a one-to-one migration - in some cases the old configuration seemed over complicated and so I made simplifications. We could probably do more, by ensuring the cpp defaults match the current configuration, and then just relying on defaults.

I tested it with the following command: --CA --preExec="flags.Output.doJiveXML=True" --maxEvents 1 --inputRDOFile /cvmfs/ --outputESDFile myESD.pool.root > log.out

Targeting main, since this is not needed in 23.0 (we should ideally finish it in time for 24.0 though).

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