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Complete CalibCosmicMon CA migration and add more AccumulatorCache to HLTCalo

I started this mostly trying to resolve a configuration error (seen in !64704 (closed)). @dbakshig, by now this has a few correlated commits that are needed to fix that. In principle you might be able to cherry-pick but for expedience having the full package in this MR might need to go ahead sooner.

While investigating this, I went ahead and made the CA config in CalibCosmicMon more complete and set it up with AccumulatorCache more uniformly. As I was looking in HLTCalo CA config, I also added the AccumulatorCache decorators to TrigCaloRecConfig, as there are many chains calling those configurators.

To make the End-of-Event sequence work correctly, we also needed:

  • HLT topoclustering explicitly in the LAr noiseburst config
  • InputMakers to be scheduled for the MET end-of-event reco, as only the CA reco config was being included.

Jury is still out on whether this is also responsible for MET EDM size reductions seen recently -- those are likely due to the end-of-event reco running less frequently, as discussed with @lbeemste @jburr.

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