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TrigAnalysisTest: update tests running trigger step in R21


This MR is updating tests running HITS->RDO->RDO_TRIG->AOD->DAOD with all steps in main/23.0 except the trigger that is run in R21. Updates:

  • RAWtoALL offline reco moved to CA
  • global conditions tag: OFLCOND-MC16-SDR-RUN2-11 for digi and offline reco (more recent than in the MC20 setup) to avoid pixel charge conditions issues (ATR-27476), and OFLCOND-MC16-SDR-RUN2-08-02a/OFLCOND-MC16-SDR-RUN2-08-02 for the trigger (as in the MC20 setup)
  • dropped 'doTRIGtoALL' from the steering, as it's no longer needed

Now the test runs fine, but there is no trigger information propagated in RAWtoALL due to: So complains. To be addressed later. Tagging @tamartin .

Also, the digitisation step still runs in legacy mode, and will need to be migrated to CA at some point.

Cheers, Bertrand

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