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TrigEventInfoRecorderAlg: Selectively depend on EMTopo and PFlow event input (ATR-28025)

Claire Antel requested to merge cantel/athena:fix_trigeventinfo_rec into 23.0


Call renounce on input handles selectively in TrigEventInfoRecorderAlg, so that sequence scheduling works in HLT jet slice. Three new boolean properties, decoratePFlowInfo decorateEMTopoInfo and renounceAll defined to separate when pflow input, emtopo input, or no dependencies required, the latter being the case for end-of-chain TLA recording to a common TriggerComposite container.

At same time, made TrigEventInfoRecorderAlg more generic by removing mentions of TLA in variable names and comments.


  • HLT_TCEventInfo_jet (created by HLT jet slice) is filled with correct content (not correctly filled since jet slice ComponentAccumulator migration)
  • (no effects on trigger decision expected)

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