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TrigEDMConfig: fix bug in checking view collections

Frank Winklmeier requested to merge fwinkl/athena:trigedm_viewIndex into 23.0

The getRun3TrigObjProducedInView method only did a partial match of the collection key when checking if a collection is a view collection. E.g. HLT_TopoCaloClustersLC would match to HLT_TopoCaloClustersLCFS because it comes first in the list.

For the v1PhysP1 menu this results in the following change to the CollectionsToSerialize property:

< 'xAOD::CaloClusterTrigAuxContainer#HLT_TopoCaloClustersLCAux.nCells.CENTER_MAG;0'
> 'xAOD::CaloClusterTrigAuxContainer#HLT_TopoCaloClustersLCAux.nCells.CENTER_MAG.viewIndex;0'

cc @tamartin @okuprash

Edited by Frank Winklmeier

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