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Inital move of findHitDV to TrigHitDVHypoAlg

Richard Alan Cunningham requested to merge ricunnin/athena:hitDV2HypoAlg into 23.0

Speed up FastTrackFinder full scan by moving findHitDV into TrigHitDVHypoAlg.

As a part of this findHitDV, getBeamSpot (renamed to getBeamSpotShift), findSPSeeds and isGoodTrackUTT have been moved from FastTrackFinder. findHitDV and findSPSeeds are now located in TrigHitDVHypoAlg, whilst getBeamSpotShift and isGoodTrackUTT are now located in TrigInDetPattRecoTools.

The result of the moving process is that findHitDV no longer uses StoreGate with the XAOD containers and only runs on HitDV chains, resulting in the following performance improvements:

before: TrigFastTrackFinder_fullScan/TIME_Total 586.24 +/- 30.565 (ms) including TrigFastTrackFinder_fullScan/TIME_HitDV 39.493 +/- 1.649 (ms)

after: TrigFastTrackFinder_fullScan/TIME_Total 535.373 +/- 27.99 (ms)

This has been obtained through using and with Dev_pp_run3_v1, forceEnableAllChains=True, on TDAQ testBed. The output of these tests produce the same histograms as running without any changes to the code.

On average HitDV runs at an approximately 5x lower rate than FTF fullscan, so this should represent a rough saving of (40 ms) - (40 ms + 7 ms)/5 = about 30 ms.

The moving of findSPSeeds to TrigHitDVHypoAlg has resulted in two versions of findSPSeeds in the same file. Both functions use identical logic in second half of their declarations, though the initial doublet processing logic should be unified in the future, leaving a single, common function.

Edited by Richard Alan Cunningham

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