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Updating jFEX simulation to use CondAlgo and CondData - Not active yet

Sergi Rodriguez Bosca requested to merge serodrig/athena:DBdraft_3.0 into 23.0

This MR is meant to update the jFEX simulation to use the appropriate CondAlgo, to read the COOL DataBase, and CondData, to read it in the simulation.

Although all the classes and herders are placed they are storing for now the default ("old") values (no trigger count changes expected!), as you can see here int the

Once we are ready to uncomment the line mention above, due to some DB loading parameters mistakes we should expect counts changes only in data. Additionally, if tower is not found in DB reading mode, it will send 0s for all parameters as pre-defined in the corresponding header. Old data needs to be discussed and sorted correspondingly (DB was not existing or wrong parameters were set - pinging @tamartin @sshaw @thompson @mwessels for this)

For MC, the CondData will return the default values always- Tested by myself

Pinging also @martindl (since he was doing some migration to re-entrantalgos) and @fwinkl and also @mark

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