Implement b-tag hypo for large-R jet tagging

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This MR implements b-tagging hypo for large-R jet b-tagging (X to bb) and adds a test chain to Dev menu. The b-tagging is done using offline X to bb tagger (GN2Xv01) on a10sd cssk pflow chain only (one jet collection). The jets are tagged directly without creating a BTagging object. As a result, the case of large-R jet tagging has to be implemented in the Jet hypo, specifically For now there is only one working point; the working point was found by averaging the 60th percentile values for RS graviton to HH to 4b signal samples (M=300 to 1000 GeV). Looser working points can be added if needed. The tagger needs to be optimized for trigger jets in the future. CC: @lshi and @lbeemste

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