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Draft: Fix EtaPtFilter to avoid some missing parent links for leptons

R D Schaffer requested to merge schaffer/athena:main-truthFixesLeptNavig_1 into main

This is a continuation of !64793 (merged).

This implements the missing truth filtering via EtaPtFilter. This is done only for the CA Hits to AOD production, i.e. it remains commented out in jobOpts. This uses the TruthParticleBuilder which was used in the past to go from GenEvent to TruthEvent - which is not xAOD formatted one. It also performed as a first step the filtering of the truth in a GenEvent to GenEvent step. Only the filtering is not done. This reduces the AOD by a few percent due to truth reduction. This MR also fixes a problem in the filtering where the parent child links can be lost for leptons with eta > 5.5. Note that was slighting changed to be more coherent in way one passes the CA arguments. Pinging @zmarshal, @jchapman, @jcatmore

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