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[ATR-28061][ATR-28079] Bugfix, addition of hadronic chains, and further thinning in AOD->DAOD trigger navigation slimming

Tim Martin requested to merge tamartin/athena:derivDebug into main
  • bugfix, by processing each node in the navigation graph exactly once - we could thin away nodes which were a non-final feature for the first path through the graph, but were later found to be a final-feature for path(s) explored following this.
  • Improvement: start to save hadronic chains - this is new functionality for Run 3!
    • At the moment it is still via a regular expression, this still needs to move to the TriggerAPI
  • Improvement: Apply additional logic to DAOD thinning to further reduce the payload file size (addition of removeEmptySteps logic, addition of CH to nodesToDrop)
  • Improvement: More debug printing in VERBOSE mode to assist future debugging.

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