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Add new TruthTau containers including decay particles and vertices in DAOD PHYS and TRUTH3

Antonio De Maria requested to merge ademaria/athena:moretruthtauphys into main

This MR will add two new truth container to DAOD PHYS and TRUTH3 (not worth to have them in other derivation formats):


If possible, we would like to target the imminent PHYS production.

These containers are needed to make TauSpinner algorithm running properly, as requested by HLeptons group - tagging @kilie and @tiyang

Moreover, the containers can be also useful for TauCP related studies - tagging @dta and @sineadf

Tagging also @martindl

Note: adding these two containers will create an overlap between these containers and the "TruthTaus" container (similar to the TruthBoson container ? ). This was discussed with TauCP expert and the plan for the next PHYS production will be to reduce/remove the overlap adapting TauAnalysisTools

Attached also the output of checkFile and checkAOD macro got from PHYS ART test



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