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jFEX updating saturation flags and moniroting

Sergi Rodriguez Bosca requested to merge serodrig/athena:monUpdate_2.0 into 23.0

This MR is meant to update the saturation flags for jFEX simulation as well as add one more plot for its monitoring.

jFEX saturation Flags:

  • jTau, jJ, jTE and jXE will have the bit saturated when at least one SCell in the TOB calculation has it set.
  • Observed one discrepancy in the firmware for jXE - The sat bit is always 0 regardless if there is one SCell saturated.
  • Solve one problem in the DataTower decoding algorithm. Saturation was incorrectly set due to the wrong saturation ordering.

jFEX monitoring:

  • Added one 1D plot to show the LB in which a mismatch happens

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