DerivationFramework implementation of new TLA0 and TLA1 formats

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DerivationFramework implementation of two new derivation formats to be used for the Dijet+ISR TLA and related studies. The new derivation formats are:

Derivation 1: TLA0

Description: Large event content, versatile trigger skimming

Application: In-depth studies for all existing TLA signatures

Target: Low, limited to 1-2 runs (o(fb))

Content: Main Offline Objects, HLT Photons, HLT Jets, Offline Tracks (Thinned), HLT Tracks (unthinned), HLT Vertices, JetTriggerContent

Trigger Skimming: All Primary TLA Chains + Support Single Jets + Support Single Photon + Support Multijet

Event Size: ~65kB/evt Trigger Skimming Retention: 47%

Size estimate per fb = 95.3e6 evt/fb x 65 kb/evt x 0.47 (acc events / all events ) = 2.9TB/fb

Estimated DiskUsage for initial request: ~3TB

Derivation 2: TLA1

Description: Large event content, intense trigger skimming

Application: Photon/Jets studies for ongoing Run 3 ISR+DiJet analysis, background modelling studies in MC, Signal Studies

Target: Large, 2022+2023 Datasets, MCs

Content: same as TLA0

Trigger Skimming: ISR TLA Chain + Support Single Photon

Event Size: ~65kB/evt

Trigger Skimming Retention: 6.5%

Size Estimate per fb: TLA0 / 0.47 x 0.065 = 0.4TB/fb

Estimated DiskUsage for initial request:

2022 Data: 8TB (20 fb)

2023 Data: 12TB (30 fb) (probably less considering GRL)

MC: mc23: gamma+jets = ~60e6evts x 65kB/evt = ~4TB

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