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DerivationFrameworkHiggs+DerivationFrameworkFlavourTag+BTagging: Fix duplicate decorations.

Change the decoration names used for the used-in-fit tracks from _forReco to _forHiggs. Otherwise, we overwrite the decorations which were made earlier, which can result in a crash if those decorations were locked. (This was working due to a bug in decoration locking; see ATEAM-909.)

Similarly, we make a version of btags based on the custom Hgg vertices rather than the default primary vertices. However, both of these configure a BTagTrackAugmenterAlg, both of which will try to add the same decorations to InDetTrackParticles. Change the decorations for the custom vertex to start with btagIpHgg_ instead of btagIp_.

Update DerivationFrameworkHiggs and BTagging to allow setting the prefix used for btag track augmentation.

This does change the derivation output and may require changes in analysis code if people are looking at these decorations. It might be possible to instead suppress the standard decorations in these cases, but it looks like that would be ugly on the configuration side.

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