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Draft: VP1: Fix local time with dynamic "CET"/"CEST" label instead of using hardcoded "CEST"

Currently, VP1 appends a hardcoded "CEST" (Central European Summer Time) to all time labels without checking if the local timestamp is under DST or not.

The EventInfo stores time-zone-independent, UTC Posix time, which VP1 converts to local time by using the <ctime> and the QDateTime classes in VP1ExecutionScheduler and VP1EventDisplayEditor respectively.

However, since the "CEST" label is appended to all time labels, it looks wrong when an event has been recorded during not DST, for example, Autumn time.

This MR fixes the issue that can arise from the hardcoded label by checking the DST flag and then adds "CEST" or "CEST" accordingly.

NOTE: This is also compatible with the time labels computed and shown in Atlantis.

Cc: @lshi

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