Wrapping barcode usage in PileUpTools

In standard production, all pile-up truth links point to GenParticle instances with a specific barcode value (std::numeric_limits<int32_t>::max()).
As part of the migration away from barcode usage we initially wrap checks against this value in a helper function: HepMC::is_truth_suppressed_pileup(...).

Sim hits with truth links which have barcode=0 indicate that the hit was caused by a particle which was considered too low energy to be saved to the GenEvent truth. Currently the helper function for this is HepMC::no_truth_link(...), but another name may be clearer.

The combined check is wrapped by HepMC::ignoreTruthLink(...).

In PileUpToolBase the variable m_vetoThisBarcode variable which would have previously held the exact value of barcodes to be vetoed, is replaced by a boolean variable m_vetoPileUpTruthLinks which indicates whether links to truth-suppressed pile-up should be vetoed (default true).

Edited by John Derek Chapman

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