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Auto-config various HI-Rec modes (HI, HIP, UPC)

Walter Lampl requested to merge wlampl/athena:HIAutoConfig into 23.0

The MR is meant to auto-configure HI-modes, replacing the preInclude methods in HIRecConfig/

To deal with the various flavors of HeavyIon processing, this MR introduces a new FlagEnum HIMode with the entries pp, HI, HIP and UPC. The flag Reco.HIMode is auto-configured based on project ("dataNN_hi", "dataNN_hip") and on the trigger stream ("physics_upc"). The flag can be forced via a preExec like --preExec="flags.Reco.HIMode=HIMode.HI" Note that this MR contains also a small change to PyUtils/TransformUtils to import this (and other potentially-useful) FlagEnum before executing preExecs. So no need to call from AthenaConfiguration.Enums import HIMode as part of the preExec.

Warning: The final configuration is not identical to one obtained by the preInclude methods in HiReCConfig/ but I believe my version is more correct. HeavyIon experts (@steinber, @stapiaar) should have the final word.

Here are the differences:

HIMode.pp: identical


  • With preInclude: BTagging, JetMon and JetTagMon are enabled but seem to have no inputs.
  • With AutoConfig, these three domains are disabled.

HIMode.UPC: identical

HIMode.HIP: identical

I tested the changes by dumping the flag-values and comparing them and by comparing the pickled ComponentAccumulator using the utility. Leaving as draft for now while running more tests and waiting for experts to comment.

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