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MuonGeoModelR4 - Several updates of the Mdt & Rpc geometry

Johannes Junggeburth requested to merge jojungge/athena:RpcMdtUpdate into main

Hi everybody,

finally, we understood where the shift by 10mm of the RpcStripLayers comes from. It was introduced to match the eta strip-layout of the new readout geometry with the one from the legacy. There're RPC gaps that are mounted upside down into the muon station. Hence the ordering of foam/bakelite & gas sandwich also flips over being responsible for the hardcoded-shift. In, the RPC gasgaps can be rotated directly in GeoModel.


*** This MR removes the hardcoded-shift from GeoModel, replaces the TEST from the WRPC table name and introduces a flag whether the RPC gap is flipped upside-down

*** MdtReadoutElement - Introduce flag to indicate whether the readout cards are located at negative local Z of a tube. For the moment, the logic is hardcoded inside the MdtReadoutGeomTool, but we'll move this information to an auxillary table shipped with the GeoModel file.

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