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Add Sim.FastCalo.RunOnGPU ConfigFlag (ATLASSIM-6896)

John Derek Chapman requested to merge jchapman/athena:FixATLASSIM-6896_main into main

Further case of legacy jobproperties being accessed in the FastCaloSimV2 configuration.

Added a new Sim.FastCalo.RunOnGPU ConfigFlag which should be set instead of ISF_FastCaloSimFlags.RunOnGPU in ComponentAccumulator-based jobs. This flag is only written out to the simulation metadata in the case that we are running Fast Calorimeter Simulation.

Fixes ATLASSIM-6896 according to my local tests, but I thought that was the case after !66150 (merged) too (as did the CI)...

Tagging @tadej, @keli, @zhangr, @cyoung

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