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MuonG4R4 - Add muon sim hit sorting algorithm

Johannes Junggeburth requested to merge jojungge/athena:AddSimHitSorting into main

Hi everybody,

this MR adds a small helper package to resort the xAOD::MuonSimHitContainer such that hits from the same chamber are close together in memory. The algorithm can either create a deep copy or a VIEW_ELEMENTS one which might not be super optimal in memory access patterns later. Anyway, if this should happen in the simulation job, the G4AtlasAlg needs to declare its dependencies. Introducing WriteHandleKeys to the senstive detectors is impossible as the master tool is held by service and by the G4AtlasAlg. Instead, the dependencies can be declared via the ExtraOutput property. I took the checkxAOD from a recent run 3 file to setup the containers for the other detectors as well. In case, of the Inner detector, I'm not really ceratin to what BCMHits & BLMHits belongs to

# checking [HITS/group.det-muon.33831012.EXT0._000060.HITS.pool.root]...
Py:AthFile           INFO loading cache from [athfile-cache.ascii.gz]...
Py:AthFile           INFO loading cache from [athfile-cache.ascii.gz]... [done]
Py:AthFile           INFO opening [HITS/group.det-muon.33831012.EXT0._000060.HITS.pool.root]...
                          Container type | StoreGate keys
                         SiHitCollection | BCMHits, BLMHits, PixelHits, SCT_Hits
                           TileHitVector | MBTSHits, TileHitVec
            TRTUncompressedHitCollection | TRTUncompressedHits
                     TGCSimHitCollection | TGC_Hits
                     RPCSimHitCollection | RPC_Hits
                         LArHitContainer | LArHitEMB, LArHitEMEC, LArHitFCAL, LArHitHEC
                      xAOD::EventAuxInfo | EventInfoAux.
                      MMSimHitCollection | MM_Hits
                         xAOD::EventInfo | EventInfo
                     MDTSimHitCollection | MDT_Hits
                              DataHeader | StreamHITS
                   TrackRecordCollection | CaloEntryLayer, MuonEntryLayer, MuonExitLayer
                    sTGCSimHitCollection | sTGC_Hits
                       McEventCollection | TruthEvent
## Bye.

Tagging @jchapman, @tadej, @sroe as I'm curious to hear about their opinion

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