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New reference files for 2023 HI runs

Yosuke Takubo requested to merge ytakubo/athena:dq_r23 into 23.0

The MR is to update the HI collision reference run for the DQ web displays to run 462201. The info in CentrallyManagedReferences*** in DataQuality/DataQualityConfigurations/config/common/collisions_run.config as well as heavyion_run.config of each system in the same directory has been updated. And the corresponding root files have been copied to /eos/atlas/atlascerngroupdisk/data-dqm/references/ The has been run and the summary is pasted below. The q449 test fails, it is not clear to me why. The entire log file for the q449 test is attached.

INFO Full DQHistogramMerge step log: 11:26:26 11:26:26 RooFit v3.60 -- Developed by Wouter Verkerke and David Kirkby 11:26:26 Copyright (C) 2000-2013 NIKHEF, University of California & Stanford University 11:26:26 All rights reserved, please read 11:26:26 11:26:30 Opening file: tmp.HIST_R2A 11:27:55 Namespace(input_list_file_name='HISTMergeList.txt', merged_file_name='myHIST.root', run_post_processing=False, is_incremental_merge=False, output_file_compression_level=1, debugLevel=0, excludeDir=None, excludeHist=None) 11:27:55 Writing file: myHIST.root 11:27:55 11:27:55 Warning messages from merging follow: 11:27:55 11:27:55 11:27:55 **************************************** 11:27:55 INFO ----------------------------------------------------- ERROR DQHistogramMerge reference test step failed ERROR One or more q449 Athena steps failed. Please investigate the cause.

INFO ----------------------------------------------------- INFO ---------------------- Summary ---------------------q449.log

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