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Zipp Dependency Fix, main branch (2023.10.24.)

Made Athena PerfMonAna explicitly depend on zipp. Which is required for using matplotlib, as reported by @elmsheus in ATLINFR-5115.

Note that I consider this actually a bug in LCG, which we probably want to follow up with them about. You see, we explicitly depend on matplotlib in PerfMonAna, which is what makes it available on top of Athena. And in a perfect setup the matplotlib RPM should pull with itself everything else that it needs. But clearly, it doesn't. (I checked, the txt files in LCG_104b_ATLAS_1 also don't indicate a relationship between these two packages.)

As it happens, we had a Findzipp.cmake module in AtlasLCG since quite a while.

So adding this explicit dependency is no biggie. But still, the matplotlib RPM should've taken care of this by itself. 🤔

Edited by Attila Krasznahorkay

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