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Add JetPileupLabelingTool

Add tool to be run at derivation level which allows "centrally" truth-match jets and create the isJvtHS flags used later in the SF calculation within the JvtEfficiency tools.

Effectively a follow-up on the refactoring of the Jvt-related tools discussed in ATLJETMET-1642 and implemented in !64846 (merged).

Brief summary of main changes:

  • Addition of new JetPileupLabelingTool which is added to the standard modifiers for the derivation jets
  • Switching the JetAnalysisAlgorithms to make also use of this new tool
  • Adding isJvtHS and isJvtPU labels to each jet in the JETM1, JETM3 & PHYS derivation formats (which have been used for PU-tagging studies in the past)
  • Adding isJvtHS label to each jet in PHYSLITE

Tagging @aoneill and @gotero for MET/PU-tagging.

Edited by Michael Holzbock

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