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IOVDbSvcConfig: Option to force reading an sqlite instead of production DB

Walter Lampl requested to merge wlampl/athena:readFromSqlite into main

The goal here is ease the validation of updated conditions.

This MR introduces two new flags:

  1. flags IOVDb.SqliteInput: If this is a string pointing to an sqlite file, all folders that are found inside this sqlite are used instead of the corresponding folder in the production database
  2. flags.IOVDb.SqliteFolders: To be used in conjunction with the flag above, instead of using all folders inside the sqlite file, use only folder listed here.

If the folders in the sqlite file are tagged and there is exactly one tag this tag will be used irrespective of the global tag or any tag-hierarchy in the sqlite file.

The functionality is plugged into the IOVDbSvc.addFolders convenience-method. LArElecCalibDBConfig bypasses this method, therefore explicitly implementing this functionality there as well.

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