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ZDC: Updates to RPD Analysis

Major updates to RPD analysis for ZDC.

This merge request changes the output of ZDC reconstruction since it implements new pileup detection and subtraction as well as a new control flow for the RPD analysis.

Changes to ZdcAnalysis:

  • Clean up and organize RPD analysis and centroid calculation code
  • Improve pileup detection and subtraction for RPD
  • Implement pulse detection for RPD
  • Replace TMatrix/TVector normal equation calculation with TLinearFitter in RPD pileup fits for better readability
  • Implement reconstruction calibration factors for RPD as ZDCAnalysisTool job property
  • Replace status bits and bitwise operations with std::bitset for better readability in RPD analysis and centroid calculation
  • Move RPDSubtractCentroidTool job property initialization to in-class
  • Add option to use max ADC or uncalibrated max/sum ADC as mass in centroid center of mass calculation
  • New definition of RPD reaction plane angle

Changes to ZdcMonitoring:

  • Update AOD read handle keys for new reconstruction
  • Add new status bits to RPD/centroid status bit plots
  • Add validity cuts on RPD plots where applicable

Changes to ZdcNtuple:

  • Update aux decor names for new reconstruction
  • Add new reconstruction output to NTuple

Changes to ZdcConditions:

  • Replace ZDC/RPD geometry placeholder values with those calculated from alignment data
Edited by Mason Ray Housenga

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