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sTgcDigitization - Add conditions algorithm to load efficiencies & use the detector manager from the conditions store

Johannes Junggeburth requested to merge jojungge/athena:sTgcDigitCondAlgs into main
  • Write database infrastructure to tune the sTgc efficiencies via external efficiency numbers. Tagging @pscholer, @cheidegg. The current (deactivated) file sTGC_Digitization_EffChamber looks very bizzar to me
  • Use double instead of float everywhere
  • Use the MuonGM::DetectorManager from the conditions store instead of the one of the detector store
  • Avoid multiple copies of digits and SDO objects
  • Fix bugs in the vmm-hit merging & in the neighbour logic

Asking for explicit approval of @pscholer, @alainb review-pending-expert

Edited by Johannes Junggeburth

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