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New OutputStreamItemList CA merge semantics able to handle Aux attributes and detect inconsistencies

Marcin Nowak requested to merge mnowak/athena:checkAuxAttributesInItemList into main

Implemented a new CA merge semantics for AthenaOutputStream::ItemList that tries to verify the correctness of the Aux attribute selection. In case there are multiple entries in the list with positive Aux attributes selections (for the same object) they are merged into one entry with all selections combined. If there is at least one negative selection among the entries, an error is raised.
The check is executed after each CA component merge, if the list was not checked yet or there was no update to the list since the last check. ATEAM-931
Replaces !66547 (merged) (reverted)

Cleaned up ItemList settings in two package (removed duplicate in and conflicting "write all/remove all" items in TigNavSlimming)

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