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CA migration of the AFP algorithms in the MinBias trigger menu

Hanfei Cui requested to merge hanfei/athena:minbias-ca-migration into main

menu sequence functions are migrated to return MenuSequenceCA, but not used in the ChainConfiguration. afprec and afptof were calling empty steps as a temporary fix.

this MR aims to make AFP algorithms (AFPTrkSequence and AFPGlobalSequence) running under CA configuration

TrigAFPToFHypo is moved to a new chain keyword: afpdz as this trigger will be overwritten with the implementation from @hanfei (QT). current chains using afptof (only 1 in lowMu) still get AFP_LocReco, AFP_GlobReco and AFP_VertexReco called.

chain with afpdz would not run due to hypoTool initialisation failure, due to old code using vector of Tools. this will be fixed when new implementation is merged.

legacy code of importing IOVDbSvc.CondDB to apply AFP parameters is removed, which is for running the offline code with non-CA configuration.

Tests done:

  • Same histograms generated with input 1000 events:
    • (afprec) export-monitoring.root/AFPSiCluster/AFPSiClusterTool
    • (afpdijet) export-monitoring.root/AFPComboHypo/HLT_2j20_mb_afprec_afpdijet_L1RD0_FILLED
    • (afptof) export-monitoring.root/AFP_SIDLocReco/AFP_SIDLocRecoTool/AFPSiDBasicKalmanTool0,1,2,3
  • test_trig_mc_v1PhysP1lowMu_newJO_build: successful run
  • ctest: successful but 2 timeout
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