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Implementation of L1 TRT fast-OR simulation - ATR-28372

Pawel Rybczynski requested to merge prybczyn/athena:fastOR_sim into 23.0

This merge request is meant to add the L1 TRT fast-OR simulation.

I have created a TrigT1TRT package in the Trigger/TrigT1 folder, with the trigger logic. It will read TRT hits and simulate the logic of the hardware, and send the decision to CTP using WriteHandle with name "L1TRTtoCTPLocation". Also I added a CTP interface for the TRT trigger and created 2 flags: "Trigger.doTRT" and "Trigger.TTCMultiplicity" that can be set in job options.

This is the first attempt to implement the fast-OR simulation for Heavy Ion collisions in Athena. There will be some MR in the future. FYI @mdyndal @derendar @serodrig @sshaw @tamartin @khoo

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