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Updated InDetTrackSelectionToolWrapper config for derivations

Thomas Strebler requested to merge tstreble/athena:TrackSelCfg into main

Follow up to !67314 (merged) as it turns out several derivation configs are actually configuring the cut level of the InDetTrackSelectionToolWrapper behind its back.

Introduces CutLevel property in the config to make this explicit (and drop ContainerName since its default value is InDetTrackParticles anyway). Also sets centrally maxAbsEta property, to increase it to eta=4 for Run 4 configs.

Fixes ART failures in JETM derivations in particular

03:01:51   File "/srv/workDir/", line 40, in <module>
03:01:51     fromRunArgs(runArgs)
03:01:51   File "/cvmfs/", line 120, in fromRunArgs
03:01:51     cfg.merge(derivationConfig(flags))
03:01:51   File "/cvmfs/", line 55, in JETM10Cfg
03:01:51     acc.merge(JETM10KernelCfg(ConfigFlags, name="JETM10Kernel", StreamName = 'StreamDAOD_JETM10', TriggerListsHelper = JETM10TriggerListsHelper))
03:01:51   File "/cvmfs/", line 38, in JETM10KernelCfg
03:01:51     acc.merge(LooseMETTriggerDerivationKernelCfg(ConfigFlags, name="JETM10Kernel", skimmingTools = [skimmingTool], StreamName = 'StreamDAOD_JETM10'))
03:01:51   File "/cvmfs/", line 924, in merge
03:01:51     self.addPublicTool(pt) #Profit from deduplicaton here
03:01:51   File "/cvmfs/", line 634, in addPublicTool
03:01:51     deduplicate(newTool,self._publicTools)
03:01:51   File "/cvmfs/", line 31, in deduplicate
03:01:51     raiseWithCurrentContext(exception)
03:01:51   File "/cvmfs/", line 48, in raiseWithCurrentContext
03:01:51     raise type(exception)(str(exception) + '\nWith the context:\n{}'.format(Context.complete()) )
03:01:51 ValueError: conflicting settings for property CutLevel of InDetTrackSelectionTool_TightPrimary: cannot merge values 'Loose' and 'TightPrimary'

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