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Add additional labels for Htautau

Minori Fujimoto requested to merge mfujimot/athena:HtautauLabel into main
  • Add LargeRJet truth label; 14(HtautauEl), 15(HtautauMu), 16(HtautauHad) in LargeRJetLabelEnum and JetTruthLabelingTool,

    based on Extended flavor label in ParticleJetLabelCommon; 151511 (double tau includes tau->el decay), 151513 (double tau includes tau->mu decay), 1515 ( double tau, fully hadronic di-tau decay).

    Changes to Extended flavor label (HadronConeExclExtendedTruthLabelID) for jets of any radius. A value of 15 was for inclusive single tau, and is now for hadronic-decaying single tau

    cc @tstreble

Edited by Jeff Dandoy

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