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ThinTRTStandaloneTrackAlg: Preserve TauJets_EleRM tracks

Qichen Dong requested to merge qidong/athena:MR_preserve_tauerm_track into main

Dear All,

Apologies for not noticing this early - when trying to add the TauJets_EleRM to the DAOD_PHYS derivation, the transformation fails because we are missing some InDetTracks associated with TauJets_EleRM that have been thinned-out at AOD level. Thanks to @martindl, we managed to find the origin of the issue.

This MR preserves tracks associated with TauJets_EleRM in the ThinTRTStandaloneTrackAlg.

Looks like we need another round of references update for the EleRM taus. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Cheers, Dong

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