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Add GN2v01 to derivations

Dan Guest requested to merge dguest/athena:folds into main

This adds GN2v01, our (hopefully) recommended b-tagger for 2024, to derivations (including PHYS). There should be no other changes.

Detailed notes:

  • I added the b-tagging NN files to the list of b-tagging flags, so that we can experiment with these more easily.
  • I also cleaned up the smart slimming lists for b-tagging a bit. They should be the same (except with the addition of GN2v01) but less copypasta.

To do:

  • Make sure it runs
  • Add the output variables to PHYS (not needed until we have the final training, but could add them preemptively)

Tagging @hartman, @svanstro, @bdong, @ligang, @fdibello

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