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Externals Update, main branch (2023.12.05.)

Updated all projects to atlasexternals-2.1.6. The changes wrt. atlasexternals-2.1.5 are (atlasexternals@2.1.5...2.1.6):

  • Updated GeoModel to version 4.5.0;
    • This is the second attempt at this, after !65126 (closed);
    • The update went through Physics Validation, as it does change the results of the CI. More info on that can be found on:
    • Reference files will need to be updated in this MR. I did not do that proactively, I intend to wait for the new references from the CI. 😉
  • Updated Geant4 to version;
  • Updated YAMPL to hash 30bba33.
    • This one should not change the physics output. 😄

These are some bigger changes, so all tests are needed...

Pinging @tsulaia, @mbandier, @jchapman, @jcatmore, @elmsheus.

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