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fixing presel for DIPZ case, new DIPZ syntax and test chains

Ines Ochoa requested to merge miochoa/athena:main-miochoa-fixDIPZpresel into main

Problem Current DIPZ implementation has an associated calopresel step which ends up requiring more jets than intended (e.g. presel4c20Z110XX2c20b85 requires 6 jets rather than the intended 4). ATR-28352

Attempted solution

  1. Skipping calopresel step when using DIPZ hypo in presel.
  2. Updating syntax of DIPZ hypo to avoid potential ambiguity over how many jets are requested: preselZ110XX2c20b85 (*)


  • HH4b chains run successfully with DIPZ / DIPZ+bjet presel and I get a small increase in counts which is expected.

Multijet chains do not run successfully with DIPZ presel because of the len of presel and main chains (will be fixed in a future MR)

(*) I also tried presel2c20b85XXz110 but ran into 2 issues:

  1. The scenario stub needs to be capital letters (?)
  2. The preselection padding requires sequential simple steps (which isn't true if z110 comes second)
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