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23.0 zdc sd class ATLASSIM-6751

Chad Stephen Lantz requested to merge clantz/athena:23.0-ZDC-SD-Class into 23.0

This is the third in a series of changes to the ZDC simulation tracked on Jira

  • Add new SD classes
    • ZDC_SD – Add Fiber and Calib SD classes
    • G4AtlasServices – Add ZDC to LucidPhysicsTool users

The ZDC_StripSD and ZDC_PixelSD had replicated parts of the G4Cerenkov physics process to estimate the number of photons created within the detector. The LucidPhysicsTool adds G4Cerenkov and G4OpBoundaryProcess to the physics list which provides us with a much more accurate simulation.

The ZDC_StripSD and ZDC_PixelSD are being replaced by theZDC_FiberSD. Future merge requests listed in the Jira ticket associated with this MR will replace the old SD classes with the new one in packages that depend on them before removing the old/obsolete SD classes.

More information can be found on the Twiki (WiP)

Edited by Chad Stephen Lantz

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