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Implementation of GRL decoration of events for PHYSLITE derivation

Axel Gallen requested to merge axgallen/athena:PHYSLITE_GRL_24014 into main

As a part of my AQP (see Jira: ATLASG-2617), I've implemented a way for the PHYSLITE derivation to decorate events with a boolean, letting the user know if the AOD used for the derivation of a PHYSLITE file contains events in/out of a set of GRLs.

In the log.Derivation file created from, the algorithm tagger can be seen to work, and by inspecting CollectionTree of a derived PHYSLITE file, using e.g. the following command: CollectionTree->Scan("EventInfoAuxDyn.<DecoratorName>") one can see the boolean attached to each event.

This set of GRLs is currently defined in the form of an ordered dictionary located at the top of DerivationFrameworkPhys/.../, but is meant to be stored somewhere else, such as in the /share/ folder; but from trying to import the dictionary from the /share/ folder, this does not work. What is the best way to proceed regarding this?

All development has been done with Athena 24.0.14.

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