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Set correct values for large-R truth label

Chris Malena Delitzsch requested to merge cdelitzs/athena:21.2-Labelling into 21.2

A bug was discovered for the large-R truth labels R10TruthLabel_R21Precision and R10TruthLabel_R21Precision_2022v1 (not present in main). For these labels, the tool always defaulted back to the trimmed truth jets rather than the ungroomed truth jets AntiKt10TruthJets because the values were not set in the initialize function but earlier when setting up the tool which does not work. To be able to run the correct truth labelling, the splitting scale variables Split12 and Split23 have to be reconstructed for the AntiKt10TruthJets which is handled by the changes to JetCommon.

Happy holidays!

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